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Escape From Cookie Mountain

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Tonight I made cookies! These were not terrible impressive and definitely not creative. As part of my job, we often give home-made treats to our volunteers and fund-raisers, including local fire-fighters, which is who these particular cookies were for. I just ran to the store, bought some semi-sweet chips and made the recipe on the back of the bag.

I had to keep stopping myself from eating the dough. It’s been so long since I’ve baked anything with eggs and real butter that when these initially came out of the oven, I asked Brent if they looked strange to him. I ate 2 of them, and they were pretty good, definitely sweeter and richer tasting than the ones I’ve made recently.

Brent teasing the dogs, as he has long been known to do:

And for your viewing pleasure… a totally gratuitous picture of Lucy running around the backyard, posted just because I think she’s cute and looks a lot more playful than she normally is.

Hopefully I’ll have something more creative to bake later this week. I want to make something lemony, and I have my rye sourdough starter fermenting, just waiting to be put to good use this weekend. Stay tuned to see how that goes!


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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    How do you manage to bake so much during the heat of the summer? I barely turn the oven on, unless we have cooler days, and then I throw things in and out of the oven like a maniac!

    P.S. Yummy looking cookies and bagels. Post the bagel recipe??? 🙂

  2. Thanks! Oh, I just really like to bake, although I definitely do most of it at night when it has cooled off a little. I do, however, detest eating really hot things in the heat.

    Bagel recipe is under the recipes tab on the right!

  3. Please don’t laugh at my new email address. I was under a lot of pressure when I made it up.

    So you have a blog. My little girl has really grown up. Hopefully amongst all of these cute pictures and baking adventures you can fit some acerbic and acute insights from the old man.

    Or not. You never did listen.

  4. Oh Padre, you crack me up. I’ll see if I can scrounge up some witty insights from the old man, but of course that may take away some of Larry’s blog time, which would come as a major disappointment to him.


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