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Brent’s Birthday Cookies

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Brent’s birthday is not until Saturday, but we will be in Chicago this weekend, and I wanted to make something for him to take to work tomorrow, so today at lunch, I made him his favorite cookies, which he requested. I was happy to do it because Brent rarely loves sweet things I bake. The cookies were a version of Dreena’s Homestyle Vegan Cookies found here. I use a little less maple syrup and a little more molasses.

I changed them into Brent’s favorite cookies by adding chopped up Heath bars because he likes toffee. I also added some mini chocolate chips to the dough.

The dough was delicious as is, but I decided Brent would probably prefer his cookies baked.

These come out flattish and slighty crunchy on the outside, but chewy-ish on the inside. Great description, huh?

Here is Brent, enjoying the greatness that is these cookies.

Be warned that these are extremely addictive, and I personally find it impossible to eat less than 5 at once.

There will be another post in a bit because I’m in the middle of baking up a storm… cupcakes and some fun bagels.

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  1. and you DO SMEAR stuff in between the five at once–yes?

    I recommend marshmallow fluffstuff for maximum sugar high 🙂

  2. Genius!

  3. Hi Victoria! I’m so glad I found your blog because I, too, have no self-control around cookies and I’m glad to find another person who will admit it! 🙂 I wonder how those would taste as an ice cream sandwich with nutella spread on either half.
    I could probably eat five of those, too!


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