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More Bagels and Some Cupcakes Too

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I wanted to make bagels for my friends and family, mostly because a lot of them seemed surprised that I made them to begin with. I heard a lot of “I’ve never heard of anyone making bagels.” So last night, I made up a few new flavors:


Sun-dried Tomato:

I also made Cinnamon-Raisin for my mom, but I lost my picture of that. The bagels were boiled of course, and then baked.

Here is what they looked like when they were done:

I made the Pesto flavor for my friend Tessa who loves pesto and the sun-dried tomato for myself, but I have to say the pesto was my favorite. Seriously Amazing.

I decided to make some German Chocolate Cupcakes as well. These were from the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, since I was not feeling particularly creative. I think the frosting was really sweet and my coconut was definitely on the chunky side, but I think they turned out well.

Now off to work for a few hours and then we’re headed to Chicago!!! We have family parties, catching up with some friends and a Cubs game!


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  1. Cinnamon-raisin, pesto, AND sundried tomato??? Oh man, those ALL sound divine.


  2. Wow, all those bagel flavors sound terrific!

  3. That pesto bagel looks wonderful. I bet it would be so good with some cream cheese – maybe garlic cream cheese, or veggie, or plain.

    I really want to make bagels, but I’m scared. Is it really as hard as it looks? How much time does it take?

    Have a great time in Chicago.


  4. can i be a friend and/or family? because i really want a pesto one….

    I see bagel making millionaire in the future.

  5. Well coming from, Tessa, the friend mentioned in the post – and the receiver of pesto, sun dried tomato and sesame seed bagels – I can personally attest, wow! Soo yummy. I have to admit that the “sesame/Brent said put something in them to make them brown and they now taste like pretzels” bagels have really rocked my world (and Greg’s) and I’m going to be hassling you to make more for me indefinitely….Oh, and the leftover german chocolate cupcakes were gone by 10 this morning.

  6. I was wondering what you put in the pesto bagels…. they sound really funky and I would love to make them myself…especially since I am gluten free and need to make everything from scratch!

  7. Talia,

    I made a sort of pesto in the food processor by combining a half clove of garlic, about a cup of fresh basil, and about 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, a bit of salt and pepper, and olive oil until it made the consistency of a pesto, and wasn’t chunky at all. Then I just worked that into the bagel dough and let it rise as normal. I hope yours turn out well. We all loved them!

  8. Is the pesto bagel recipe posted somewhere? I can’t find it. I want to use up some pesto and make bread, and would love to try these.


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