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Pizza, Pizza!!

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When I was younger, a very exciting thing to me was going to the Little Caesar’s for pizza, back when they still had the giant place with the huge jungle gym and art area inside. All the ones I’ve seen nowadays are just little take out places, but back in the day, Little Caesar’s was the place to be. Ok, probably enough of me acting as though I’m actually old enough to have a “back in the day.”

Wednesday night as we were eating our shrimp pad thai, a commercial for chicken came on the television and my little sister looked down at her bowl and said “I just wish we could eat something normal, like chicken.”  I tried, of course, to not take this personally, knowing that Sarah comes from a home that is not known for producing adventurous eaters. She’s actually a lot less picky than I was at age 15, when my diet consisted of buttered pasta and lucky charms.

However, I wanted to give her some respite from “weird” food, so Friday night we made individual pizzas for ourselves to eat while watching the opening ceremony. The crust was a white/whole wheat blend which turned out pretty good, and we each tossed our own to make to our desired thickness. Sarah produced a cheese pizza with extra cheese (like I said, not super adventurous).

Brent opted for cheese as well, but he did however add a bit of fresh basil to the mix. Here’s his before going into the oven.

Mine was cheese, some fresh basil, and some sun-dried tomatoes. I love sun-dried tomatoes, which is odd I suppose because I really do not care for raw fresh tomatoes.

I thought the pizzas all turned out great and there couldn’t be anything less weird about them. Imagine my surprise then, when my mother arrived and asked my sister if she’d lost any weight because of all the weird food I’d been trying to make her eat. She also proceeded to ask Sarah what she would like to eat when she got home, suggesting such things as, “Butter Pecan ice cream and McDonald’s french fries,” as if I was starving the poor thing. I would also like to mentioned Sarah did get to eat chicken at lunch on Friday when we went out to eat and that tiny little girl put away a HUGE bowl of chicken parmesan. It’s been a fun but exhausting weekend. Sarah and Mom left earlier this morning, and I’ve been baking, worked out and went grocery shopping and done cleaning today, all while watching the Olympics. More Michael Phelps later tonight! I’ll post some bread I made tomorrow.


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  1. Your “weird food” reputation is funny. I have similar one at home. I’ve learned to be quiet, let them taste it and then rub it in their faces when they like it!


  2. Haha, wow, I totally forgot about Little Caesar’s – they’re not around anymore! Nostalgia 🙂

    Glad you had a fun weekend!


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