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Oh Honey, Honey

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For our bread needs this week, I wanted to make a regular old sandwich loaf, for Brent to eat with his eggs every morning. Yes, we live in a land of constant exotic variety here in the Monroe household. When I was looking through my mostly empty fridge and saw my sourdough starter sitting there forlornly wishing to be used, it was decided: SOURDOUGH!

Other than the sourdough flavor, the other major player here is HONEY, so it’s got a bit of a sweet and sourish tang thing going on. The honey also gave it a nice dark brown color when it baked (along with the whole wheat flour).

This bread has really great flavor, and according to Brent, it is “surprisingly soft.” I ate a slice last night with jam, as a taste test.

I also ate 2 slices buttered with Earth Balance with dinner tonight. Very comforting. I’ve posted the recipe to the right, and I believe you can make this without the starter, but it wouldn’t have the sourdough flavor aspect, so you’d just get the subtle sweetness from the honey. I really recommend trying it. More OLYMPICS tonight!!

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  1. If you make bread every week then I moving into the Monroe house. 🙂

  2. Looove sourdough!! Looks great with the jam 🙂

    Hooray for Olympics!!


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