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Nutty Oatmeal Bread

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Yesterday I made some bread inspired by a variety of sources. I once made Honey Oatmeal Bread that I found on the back of a Bob’s Red Mill bag and it was pretty delicious, so I thought about making that again, but I also had a lot of other stuff just laying around waiting to be made into some great. I also had a bag of flaxseed and thought of my padre, who LOVES flaxseed cookies, and my mom who I’ve been trying to make eat more flax. A few leftover pecans were also thrown into the mix. Thus, nutty oatmeal bread was born, actually it was baked.

This is the bread in the growing stage.

And here it is all grown up and pretty. It does me proud.

This bread is good as a slice with butter, but it does not come even close to reaching its full potential until lightly toasted and made into the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich of my life! (which actually happened today at lunch). I have been feeling kind of generally under the weather lately and obviously in a situation like that, one must always turn to comfort food, which a while ago for me, would have been some sort of cheesy pasta or something, but more recently nothing does it for me like a PB&J on toasted bread. Just so absolutely comforting and as far as comfort food goes, things could be a lot worse.

This bread has the additional benefit of providing a lot of cholesterol lowering ingredients all in a tasty whole grain bread! Perhaps I’ll make some or my parents when I visit in a few weeks.

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  1. What a beautiful loaf of bread! I have some bread dough in my freezer I should really take out, thaw, and bake away! Homemade bread = yum.

  2. your bread is beautiful.

    I have some leftover pesto that I migr use to male bagels! If I wimp out I’ll just do bread.

  3. Your bread always looks so delicious, I can see why you think of it as comfort food.

    I hope you feel better soon!


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