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Brent Makes Mayonnaise

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Brent likes mayonnaise. I do not. The texture kind of grosses me out to be honest. It has nothing to do with the taste, purely a texture thing. But moving onto why we made home-made mayonnaise in the first place. I receive a bunch of older cooking magazines from a co-worker at work, and one of the was the April 08 issue of Bon Appetite, which I have seen but never purchased because a lot of it seems too fancy.

Well this issue had an article written by a woman describing the first time she made home-made mayonnaise. She extolled its virtues in great superlative detail, claiming it “transported” her to another world, that if you like mayonnaise, you love this stuff, and if you don’t like mayonnaise, you will still love this stuff. Well, with that kind of recommendation, how could we NOT make some mayonnaise.

All it took was a few staples: an egg yolk, canola oil, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, white wine vinegar (which Brent had a difficult time finding), and some salt.

After separating the egg, we were ready to rock and roll.

Whisking takes some serious stamina.

More whisking: whisk whisk whisk!

And we have success!

Brent described it as “bright-tasting” and has big plans to feature it in an egg sandwich tomorrow morning.

It was actually pretty easy, but definitely more difficult than going to the store and picking up some Helmann’s. The whole time we were whisking it was reminding me of the last season of Top Chef, and all of the contestants were complaining and saying things like “I haven’t made mayonnaise since culinary school!” So overall I guess this is a recommended recipe if you’re into mayonnaise.


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  1. you are SO MY KINDRED SPIRIT.

    I cant do mayo as *any kind* gets my gag reflex going.

    yogurt? not at all.

    but mayo? just typing the word…


  2. i never thought of making homemade mayo… very cool!

  3. Eek, mayo is definitely something I wouldn’t eat, even when before I became a vegan. It just doesn’t look or sound appetizing 😛

    Love the step-by-step photographs though! 🙂


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