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Of course I made bread this weekend. This week’s bread is a simple, non-sourdough, perfect for everyday whole wheat bread. I added some ground flax for some flair (and because I still have a huge tub of it).

I ground the whole flax-seeds in my coffee grinder, so they were not completely uniform, and you can see flecks of the seeds in the dough, which I like. This recipe (which I posted to the right) made enough for 2 slighter smaller loaves; one in an 8 x 4″ loaf pan, and because I only have 1 loaf pan that size, the other was more of a free form loaf.

I like the look of the free form loaf a little better, but the loaf pan one is more practical for things like sandwiches. It’s a hearty bread with a wheaty, slightly nutty flavor. This recipe would also make one big loaf as well.

It’s a decent bread, and no flavor is overwhelming, which makes it a good canvas for sandwiches.

Well my weekend is slowly winding down. I’m going to watch the CUBS GAME, and then I will be working tonight and all day tomorrow on the MDA Labor Day Telethon. One last note, Larry noticed it had been quite some time since his charming face had been featured on the blog, and because I always aim to please my dogs, here he is showing this softball who’s boss. Notice the vigorous head shaking. He’s very intimidating.


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  1. GORGEOUS loaf.

    Aww, Larry 🙂

  2. Your bread is gorgeous; I like being able to see the flecks of flax too. More pics of Larry, please!


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