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Proud as a Peacock about my Pepper

I’ve been growing a few things in pots in the front yard along my driveway. We’ve eaten quite a few cherry tomatoes that I’ve grown, used some basil, and now… finally… we had a grown red bell pepper!!

It was very thin. I could have probably waited another few days for it to ripen a little more, but I was ready now!

I sliced it up and turned it into some shrimp fajitas! (Any excuse to make guacamole is good news to me!)

Dinner has been rough this week. I got home kind of late Sunday night and I tried shopping without a well-planned grocery list. Normally I make a list of several meals I will be making during the week, and then an organized list of grocery items to buy, but that so did not happen this week! I thought I had it all under control and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, I managed to get very few things that actually would constitute a full meal, but we’re making do. I’m trying to use the experience to “be more creative,” so we shall see what happens.

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  1. does one need an excuse to make guacamole?? 🙂

  2. That pepper is beyond gorgeous!


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