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Spicy Carrot Peanut Soup

Remember that bag of carrots Brent bought for his weekend without me? Well, they did not get eaten, which I didn’t realize when I bought carrots at the store during my weekly grocery shop. What’s a girl to do with an extra two pounds of carrots?

Spicy Carrot Peanut Soup! from the Moosewood Daily Specials Cookbook.

We’ve made this soup before. Brent really loves it, although he loves it with a lot more chili paste in it than I do. I think this week’s version was the best yet because after pureeing it with my stick blender, I took the time to strain it through a mesh strainer, which made it way more smooth and eliminated the annoying tiny tiny carrot chunks that can occasionally be found floating around.

The recipe makes about 6 servings, which we’re eating for some of our lunches this week.

Look how smooth!! I think the straining makes it seem more “restauranty.”

Love this soup. Really, I love the whole cookbook.


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  1. The title ALONE makes me want a bowl (or two!) of that soup – yum!!!


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