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Well I went to visit my family in Chicago this weekend. My brother is leaving today (which is also his Birthday!) for Basic Training for the Army, and we scheduled a small family party for Sunday afternoon. I had planned on making a dessert for the party, but I decided to wait until Sunday morning to do it. I did however, make some whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread for my mom before I went.

This recipe needs some tweaking before I make it again. It definitely needs more of both the cinnamon and the raisins.

It still tastes pretty good, but it’s more like basic whole wheat bread with a few raisins in it.

We arrived Saturday afternoon at my family’s house, and I helped my sister get ready for her Homecoming dance.

Please note – I think I’m still taller than her, but she’s wearing three inch heels.

The weekend took a dramatic shift in the early hours of Sunday morning when my mother couldn’t fall asleep because of severe pain right below her breastbone. After going to the emergency room, she was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for gall bladder removal surgery Sunday afternoon. We still wanted to get a family picture before my brother left for boot camp, which we were planning on doing at the party, so we improvised.

My mom’s surgery went well, and she’s home resting now. It’s was a longer, definitely more exhausted weekend than I had originally anticipated, but everything ended well. I’m just going to catch up on some sleep and I’ll be back to cooking and baking tomorrow.


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  1. Such lovely photos!! Sooo glad that your mom’s surgery went well.

  2. Best of luck to your brother. I hope your mom is feeling well.

    How cute is your sister! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Oh, and the soup in the next post looks divine!!!!

  3. These are great pictures of your family.
    good luck to your brother


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