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Halloween 2008

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Let me explain something. My friends and I are really into Halloween. We’ve come up with some pretty great costumes in years past.

Here we are Halloween 2005 as “Gangrene”

For Halloween 2006, we went as The Fanta Girls

Halloween 2007 as DEVO!

This was the first year in a long time, none of us were planning to get together and make fools of ourselves. However, some last minute ideas led to our friends Tess and Greg coming to the Fort to celebrate. On their way they stopped to pick up some cheap wigs and we drew names to pick who would wear which. We arrived at a local dive bar and before we could gain entrance, we were forced to explain our “costumes.”

Thinking on our feet, here’s what we came up with:

Brent went as “Sunshine the Surfer”

Greg went as a Geology Professor

Tessa was Betty Boop and I went as “Casual Cher”

It was a really good time. “Sunshine” was in the top 4 finalists for the costume contest. (Mostly because he has a really loud wife).

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  1. haha – casual Cher! Very cute.

  2. You guys sure look great. I’m glad you had a great Halloween. Kathy

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