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For the past several weeks I had been craving lasagna. Like really craving it. Now I personally remain unaware of how to create a tiny lasagna for 2 people, so please enlighten me if you know the answer to that mystery. However, Brent’s parents came up Sunday and I finally had what I felt were enough people eating to justify the making of lasagna.

Now I like tomato sauce just as much as the next person, but I figured if I was going to go to all the trouble of making a lasagna from scratch and fulfilling this insane craving, it should be something absolutely amazing and not just your average lasagna. So, I went with my favorite, a white lasagna with spinach and mushrooms. My recipe was based on this one.

I used more mushrooms (which still wasn’t enough!), more spinach, slightly less cheese, and I am very picky about sauces and dressings and things of that nature, so I made the whole bechamel sauce, but only used about half of it layering the actual lasagna. The other half I reserved and served in a little bowl at the table so each person could ladle some over his or her lasagna. So good. So good, in fact, that I did not get a picture the first time I ate it because I dove right in. The picture you see below is actually leftovers that I ate for lunch at my desk today.


Like I said: so good! And I’m really excited I still have one more piece for lunch again tomorrow!

With the lasagna we had unphotogenic salad with garlic vinaigrette, AND homemade garlic bread!! You can see a little piece of the garlic bread in the photo above, next to the mound of lasagna. I just made my basic french bread, sliced it in half, drizzled with olive oil and italian herbs and baked for ~8 minutes. When it came out of the oven, I rubbed a cut clove of garlic on it. Of course, because I’m me and I love dipping bread into things, I ate this dipped in a little of the white sauce. Here’s a pretty uninteresting photo of the french bread before it become garlicky. Crusty and delicious.



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  1. Hooray for satisfying your lasagna craving! 😀

  2. I tend to split a whole lasagna recipe into two 9-inch pans. Bake one now, freeze one for later, and voila! A smaller lasagna. And a night in the future when I don’t HAVE to cook! (We tend to get about six large pieces out of a small pan, which is two meals for Dan and I — one piece for me each time, two pieces for Dan.)


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