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Brent and I have really been cutting back on our food and beverage budget, which is producing some interesting jumbles of food at the dinner table. We don’t have a ton of pantry staples on hand, but I have tried to use what we do have. Monday night was shrimp fajitas, minus the guac and the tortilla. So basically it was peppers and onions sauteed with some shrimp and served over rice with a dollop of sour cream. For the rice, I just used the rest of a box of brown minute rice and cooked with with crushed tomatoes instead of water. I loved it, especially because it was ready in like 12 minutes.


Tonight was a tofu stir fry made with pan fried tofu, “southwest blend” frozen vegetables from Target and the remainder of our Israeli Couscous. The vegetable blend was good except it had very horrible crunchy kidney beans in it that I was forced to pick out. We really love the couscous. I must go buy more. Its just so good and doughy but kind of chewy. I don’t quite know how to describe it. For a meal made totally from the pantry and the freezer it was very good.


We’re watching the Sex & the City movie. Poor Brent is rolling his eyes.


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  1. I LOVE pantry-ingredient dishes.

    Haha, enjoy the film 😉


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