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Soup’s On!

I know what you’re thinking. More soup? Yep! I love it, and there was actual snow on the ground when I woke up this morning! If that doesn’t call for warm soup, I don’t know what does.

After last week’s miss on the soup, I tried again. This time with a white bean and kale soup. This one has the added benefit of helping me reach my goal of included greens in my meals at least once a day to help improve my iron levels. Our soup was based on this recipe for Healthy Bean Soup with Kale. It was a success! The beans were cannellini bean cooked from scratch, and to make sure there was plenty of flavor, I added some red pepper flakes and simmered a Parmesan cheese rind with the soup too.


All the flavors and ingredients worked really well together in this soup. I really like the way kale holds up in soups. I’ve never really liked greens by themselves, especially cooked. It just doesn’t work for me, so in soup seems like the next best thing to me, and the kale still has a bite to it, which is nice.

Also, my dogs are getting their greens in too! Here’s Lucy munching on some kale I dropped.


Here’s a minor complaint. We’re watching Volver on DVD right now, and the subtitles are awful. They just disappear and reappear willy nilly. I feel like I’m missing important things, and unfortunately my 4 semesters of college Spanish never really stuck.

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  1. Can’t go wrong with soups!!

    Aww, Lucy 🙂

  2. I love white beans with greens! Yum! I have a big bunch of chard that was ignored this past weekend . . . perhaps I need to cook up some white beans and make me some soup! 🙂


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