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Seasonal Bagels

Brent is out for the weekend visiting a friend in Ohio, so I took the opportunity to make a royal mess out of the kitchen without him complaining about it. I decided to try a new bagel flavor: Cranberry-Orange Bagels! Tart and delicious. I used my half whole-wheat bagel recipe and added about 1.5 cups roughly chopped fresh cranberries and about 1 tablespoon orange zest.


I had one of these for dessert after dinner. Yum. I’ve never baked with fresh cranberries before, only the dried sweetened ones, but these were really good. I’ve been feeling very celebratory with regard to the holidays this year, and using a small portion of the cranberries I bought to make the sauce seemed like a fun idea. It’s already gotten me even more in the mood for Thanksgiving!


We’re leaving for Chicago on Wednesday after work, and assuming I still have some of these left, I think I’ll take some to the family. We’ll be there for a few days. I think we’re going to come back on Saturday, and this time we’re actually bringing the dogs. Should be a really good, (and probably pretty loud), time.


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  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    Have fun in Chicago next week!!


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