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Thanksgiving Countdown

Only three days left! I’m just so looking forward to the holidays this year, way more so in than in years’ past. Unfortunately my celebratory feelings have spread to my diet totally in advance of the actual holiday. Those cookies I wasn’t in love with? Well, I still managed to eat like 3 of them while talking on the phone during in lunch today. Whoops! To rectify the situation, I headed to the gym tonight, and I tried to have a veggie heavy dinner… but then I headed to the store and picked up some wine. Oh well, Thanksgiving’s in 3 days, right? Let the celebration begin!

Tonight’s veggie dinner was a variation on Aloo Gobi.


I used this as a base recipe, but it was heavily modified. I used sweet potato instead of white because that’s what I had, and like 3/4 of a head of cauliflower. The spices were the same, but I added a lot more water; some mixed with cornstarch to make it more like a gravy. It was served with brown basmati rice, with some peas mixed in. The peas were really just for color, and because I really like them. The dinner was very good. I think it’s a make again. Hopefully it was able to absorb some of the large quantity of sugar I consumed earlier in the day.

On a side note, I can’t seem to cook rice. I follow the directions I swear, but usually it’s still slimy or something, like all the water doesn’t get absorbed. I guess I should just use less water or something. It’s always the simple things that elude me.


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  1. Hooray for the sweet potato substitution!!

  2. I suck at cooking rice, too! I think it’s hereditary — rice and pancakes seem to run poor in my family. 🙂


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