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We’re back from my parents’ house in Chicago. It was a really fun few days filled with lots of food, drink, family and video games. My mom’s extended family all gathered at my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. I was in charge of bringing a cheese ball appetizer, which I have no photos of, and the whole berry cranberry sauce. Up until last year, no one in my family had ever had home made cranberry sauce. I’m glad I’ve gotten them to see the light. My grandmother in particular really loves this stuff, so I made tons so that she could take some back to her apartment afterward.


While preparing to serve dinner, my aunt shoved a pot of turkey juice at me and said “You know how to make gravy? Here.” So after rummaging through her pantry to find some flour, I grabbed some butter, salt and pepper and set out to make a turkey gravy. I should mention I don’t actually know how to make gravy, probably due to the fact I don’t like gravy. However, my husband the gravy connoisseur assured me that the gravy was excellent and he poured it on pretty much everything.

The whole Thanksgiving dinner turned out well. Although my mother, who makes the dressing, was nervous because she made it ahead of time and reheated it at my aunt’s house, and she had never done that before. I tried a bit of it, and told her that it was great. However, when I told my aunts, uncles and cousins to mention to her how good it was to reassure her, they all started claiming it tasted “off” and “something was missing.” Because my family does not believe in subtlety or tact, my Uncle Mike went right up to my mother and said “Mary, what did you do to the dressing? It’s off.” My mom accepted this and just said “Yeah I know. It’s not good.” We had a similar situation two years ago, in which my Aunt Kathy, who makes the green bean casserole every year, made it with reduced sodium condensed soup in stead of regular and no one would eat it. This incident has been mentioned at every major family gathering since. The Dohertys always knew how to hold a grudge.

The day after Thanksgiving, my sister begged me to take her shopping at 6am, and because I’m a very obliging sister, I agreed. We went to a few stores, and weren’t super impressed with the sales, although she managed to spend nearly all her money on clothes. Meanwhile my parents headed over to Game Stop to pick up new toys for the whole family, including an XBox 360, Guitar Hero, and the Wii Fit. Pretty much everyone in the family loves video games, my mom and I being the ones who are slightly less enthused. Here is a lovely image of my dad trying to rock out on Guitar Hero to some Steely Dan. You can also see my sister sporting her brand new plaid booties purchased earlier that morning.


I also tried playing some Guitar Hero, but I have even less rhythm and coordination than previously thought and was unable to complete my song because it booed me off the stage. Like I said, it was a fun weekend. We did take the dogs with us, and they weren’t too much trouble, although Larry has been rechristened the “Pee Dog” by my father. I guess he’s just a nervous traveler.

We’re now just hanging out around the house, playing the Wii Fit and trying to set up our Christmas tree, which I prefer to be tacky tacky and not matchy matchy. I’ll post a picture later.


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  1. Welcome back!! Glad to see that you had a blast over the holidays 🙂

  2. Looks like lots of fun! My sister makes the best gravy and I have no idea how. It’s one of life’s mysteries to me. 😀


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