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For tonight’s ever exciting blog post, I share with you a variety of dinners, eaten by myself and the husband the past three nights. Up first we have Saturday night’s dinner. I have agreed to take absolutely no credit for this dinner because frankly, I wanted to order pizza. I was exhausted from our few days in Chicago and then a 4 hour long drive with Brent and the dogs, so I was in no mood to cook. However, we had all the ingredients for another Jamie Oliver recipe that Brent picked out from this book. This recipe was not my idea. It sounded odd to me, but Brent wanted it and it has the added convenience factor of being a completely pantry made meal.

The recipe was Pasta con Acciughe e Pomodoro, also known as Anchovies in Tomato Sauce with Pasta. I concede to Brent on this one. It was actually really really delicious. The name of the recipe says it all with the exception of the delicious olive oil toasted breadcrumbs sprinkled on top!! Those breadcrumbs totally made the dish. Now, I was exhausted and starving, so it may be that my ravenous hunger is overriding my palette, but I’m pretty sure this is a make again. I’m not sure how easy it was to make since Brent did all the cooking (and clean up) on this one, but it was pasta, so how hard could it be? As a side note, Brent complained about the recipes in the book, which contain things like “a large wineglass full of red wine” and a “big handful of raisins.”


Up next we have a favorite from the Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites Cookbook: Sushi Rice Salad. I don’t own that particular cookbook, but the recipe was sent to me by a friend over the summer and I’m in love with it. It truly tastes like sushi in a bowl. It has brown sushi rice, red bell pepper, carrots, cucumber, nori, wasabi paste and a dressing of rice wine vinegar dissolved with salt and a little sugar. I cannot say enough good things about it. I keep wanting to add some diced avocado too, since my absolute favorite food ever is probably Avocado Maki. Even typing that made me want to go out to our favorite sushi restaurant and load up on the avocado roll. So so good. But anyway, here’s the salad. I would recommend making it if you’re in the mood for some DIY sushi.


Finally we have tonight’s dinner, which is another oft-made recipe here at the Monroe household. It’s at its best in the summer, when you can get fresh corn on the cob, but it’s actually still really great with frozen corn. It’s from the Mayo Clinic Cookbook: Corn Chowder with Roasted Poblanos. It’s really easy to make, and of course I love any soup with potatoes. Roasting the poblanos is probably the biggest hassle with this recipe, but even that’s relatively painless and so worth the effort. This soup however, is not super attractive on camera.


So there you have it. I have officially gotten back on track from the hedonism of the Thanksgiving holiday.

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  1. Oooh! Great post. I’ve been eyeing that recipe in the Mayo Clinic cookbook — I’m glad it’s a winner! And I LOOOOOOOOOOVE avocado and asparagus rolls from our favorite sushi place — what is it about avocado in sushi that is so dang addictive?????


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