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Bear with me. This will be a long post. It was a BUSY, but very fun weekend. We ended up getting into town around 8:30PM Friday night. We stopped by a friend’s house to drop off their goodie box, and then headed over to my cousin Liz’s house to see my brother and some of my cousins. Matt looks so different! It was such a shock. He’s lost like 25 pounds and had a freshly shaved head. He kept challenging my husband and cousins to physical contests, like jumping jacks and push ups. Brent actually dropped and gave him 20 after Matt insisted he thought Brent couldn’t do even 10. Of course because Matt is a member of my family, he had to be contrary, so his response was, “Those last 5 wouldn’t have been up to regulation.”

hpim2122Please note his ultra serious army face.

Saturday morning I woke up very early to drive my sister and I to my aunt’s house to meet the rest of our family members for cookie baking. En route, while I was just about to turn on to my aunt’s street, I got pulled over. Luckily it was not a big deal, and I just got a small warning. A ticket would have put a damper on the weekend for sure. Cookie baking day was, as usual, a total blur of whirlwind activity.

hpim2126My mom, sister and I.


Sarah, helping roll out the fatimins and cutting them. It was later discovered the dough was a bit too thick, and the cookies were too “doughy.” However, after a loud screaming match careful discussion, it was decided my mother was responsible for the cookies that weren’t up to par, although she did try to throw Sarah under the bus. 🙂


Mom, frying the above mentioned fatimins. We had some oil issues this year. It was discovered that all the cookies were turning out flat, and the fatimin oil was bubbling too much. Mom decided that the flour was the culprit because “it was the only common ingredient” and we used a new brand this year, so next year they will be returning to Pillsbury. I personally did not think any of this was a big deal. All the cookies still tasted the same, but the family is happiest when they have something to argue about.

hpim2146Me making the cookie part for the peanut butter blossoms. After the cookies flattened out too much in the oven, my mom ran out to the living room yelling “The cookies are too flat! The blossoms aren’t blossoming!” which I found pretty amusing.

Moving on, I left my aunt’s house, ran to my parent’s to shower, and then headed over to my friend Tessa’s to hang out with all our friends from college. Brent and I brought the food (which was way too much). I made some pizzas with pre-made dough from Whole Foods. First up, we had caramelized onion, pear, and Gorgonzola, with toasted walnuts:

hpim2161The crust for this one was too doughy. It was meant to make a much larger pizza than the pan size, so we made the next 2 large rectangles on baking sheets. Up next was I think the night’s favorite, pesto with sliced tomatoes. Delicious!!

hpim2165Our final pizza was Brent’s inspiration and it turned out really good. It was a Mexican themed pizza. The base “sauce” was pico de gallo, topped with some black beans and sweet corn and cheese. Really tasty!


The food was rounded out with some chips, and dip, including my favorite, guacamole. We also had some festive drinks, one of which was a shot served in shot glasses made of ice. First up was a “Red Nosed Reindeer” shot, but I have no idea what was in it. Not a great picture I know, but the glass was melting!

hpim2153There was also a lot of rock band playing. Man, I have absolutely zero rhythm. Brent, however, may have missed his calling. hpim2164

I also received some kitchen-related gifts: some kitchen towels and an oven mitt, along with an apron.


The apron was really wonderful, because it was sewn by my friend Tessa, and I love the pattern.


Sunday morning I went out to breakfast with my friends, and then once again went back to my parents house, where they were having a party for the entire extended family as sort of a welcome home for my brother. The results from the cookie boxes are in and they’re a hit for the most part. My mom has a little trouble with things that aren’t familiar, but she did like the chocolate peppermint pinwheels. My father loved everything and in fact decided that “the kids wouldn’t fully appreciate these kind of cookies” and hid the box in his bedroom, away from my brother and sister. Today I’m just bumming around the house. I may bake some bread and clean a bit, but I’m exhausted. I’m glad it’s a short week for Brent. He only has to work today and tomorrow, and then he’s off until January 5th!


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  1. What a lovely weekend!!

    Have fun around the house today!! Thank goodness Brent gets time off soon too!!

  2. What an awesome weekend! You two look lovely together! And everything looks scrumptious!
    And horray for Brent being off soon!

  3. Ah Tessa, that aproon is awesome. Let her know!

    Your description of baking with your mom is funny! Sounds like me with mine.:D

    The Mexican pizza looks great!

  4. I’m still thinking about the pesto pizza…and the mint pinwheels…(they didn’t last very long).

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