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Here’s a quick recap of my New Year’s Eve, which was spent in the company of our good friends Tessa & Greg, a Nintendo Wii, and perhaps a little too much wine, champagne and jello shots.




Important things to note about the above series of photographs: Those were the coolest party hats ever, and there was a lot of unpictured champagne, which caused me to feel less than perky almost all day yesterday.


I know I’m a little late, since 2009 is now 2 days old, but here I go anyway. 2008 was definitely a year of transitions for me. I feel like I maybe didn’t accomplish a ton, but I made a lot of difficult decisions that will me to accomplish more in the future. Here are some random thought and reflections on the past year.

  • After the 2007 Holiday season, I started keeping track of my calories and workouts with the help of The Daily Plate. I was able to lose about 20 lbs and got Brent to join a gym and work out regularly with me. The more my obsession love of cooking and baking flourished, I kind of quit tracking because tracking slices of homemade bread seemed kind of ridiculous and way too time-consuming. I have and will continue to recommend the site to my friends and family, or anyone who needs help keeping track of what they’re eating.
  • While I was freezing my butt off in the Indiana winter, I convinced Brent to take a trip to Hawaii at the end of March. We had a lot of trouble with our flights, but our time on the island was amazing. I discovered a new favorite drink: The Lava Flow, Brent had a very macho Sangria, and we hiked 7 miles from our hotel to the top of Diamond Head, which was hot and exhausting but worth it.


I love this drink. Upon arriving back home, I learned how to make them myself, just in time for summer. It’s basically a Pina Colada with strawberry puree drizzled in it. Yum!



  • This summer, we spent the Fourth of July weekend in Gatlinburg, TN for my best friend Tessa’s wedding. This was such a great experience for a lot of reasons: Anytime I get to see all my college friends together, it’s a great time; Seeing Tessa and Greg so happy together made me so happy for her; and we totally spent the reception dancing into the wee hours of the morning to a play list compiled by Tessa, including a memorable dance of all of us jumping up and down flailing to “Shake It” by Metro Station, which I never cared for before, but I now love because it reminds me of that night.


  • I’m sure there are a lot of other moments worth mentioning, but I’m truly awful at remembering them, which is part of why I love this blog. Overall I’m thankful that I am able to see my friends and family as much as I do, and I appreciate how close I am able to stay to my friends, even though we’ve all gone through a lot of changes and moves since college. I’m very grateful for Brent’s support in allowing me to quit my job, and concentrate on furthering my education, and I can’t wait to see what 2009 brings.


I think 2009 is going to bring big things, or maybe not, but I am so excited that (assuming I am accepted) I will finally start my full-time nursing program. I have just started a new part-time job and I’m glad to see that so far, I really like the company. My family is changing a bit too. My brother will graduate from Basic Combat Training and we will soon find out where the Army will be sending him. My mother is focusing on her health and I know she’s going to be able to succeed in her goals. I cant believe my brother is starting his last year or junior high and my sister is going to start her junior year of high school! I hope that I am able to see them just as frequently in the coming year as I did in 2008.

I am a huge resolutions person. I don’t think a person needs an arbitrary January 1st deadline to start making changes to their life, but the end of the year always seems like a good time to reflect on last year’s changes and look forward to improving even more in the coming year. With that said, here are some things I’d like to focus on in 2009.

  • Improve my running. I ran cross country and track in high school, but haven’t run a ton since then, but Brent wants to train with me to run a race in March, so I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Plus my work outs have been getting boring, and I thought having specific goals would help motivate me.
  • Concentrate on school. I have two classes starting in January, and I have an entrance exam I need to take by the end of March. The entrance exam will count for half of my application score to the program so it is extremely important to me. I plan on setting a date for the exam and creating a study plan for myself so I’m not cramming at the last minute.
  • We’ve been in the Fort for 2 years now, and I still don’t know very many people in town. In an effort to meet people and make the most productive use out of my time, I plan on trying to find an ongoing, weekly volunteering opportunity. I am hoping to find a place at the local hospital, and if time allows, I’d like to volunteer as a dog-walker at the shelter we adopted Larry from.
  • In an effort to continue my healthy eating patterns, I like to reduce some of the processed flour, butter and sugar that have crept into my diet over the holidays. This may mean less baking projects, or perhaps I’ll just have to be more creative.
  • Finally, I frequently tell Brent that I think he is too negative and too pessimistic, but I’ve realized I complain a lot myself, mostly about small things, because truly, I have very little to complain about. So, I’m trying to take more time to be appreciative of the people, places and things in my life. I have a wonderful husband, two very entertaining dogs, awesome friends, and a hilarious and supportive extended family. We are all healthy, and I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to continue my education, so I’m going to make mindfulness and appreciation a top priority in the coming year.

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  1. So fun!!

    Sounds like a lot will be in store for you in 2009 – I wish you the best of luck!!

  2. What a nice reflection! I also need to be more positive and meet new people in my new state! Let’s do it Victoria!

  3. Such a wonderful post!!! Happy New Year!

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