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Under the Influence

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Well, as some of you out in blogland may have noticed, hummus platters have been all the rage in the food blog arena, so I guess I was under the influence when I bought hummus yesterday (plus it was freakishly on sale). Tonight’s dinner was just vegetable hummus, a variety of chopped veggies and pita chips. I made the pita chips by cutting some whole wheat pitas into triangles, spraying them with some canola oil, sprinkling with salt and garam masala and baking for about 8 minutes in a 400 degree oven. The pitas were definitely my favorite part of the meal. I think they’ll be making another appearance later on this week.


On another note, today for lunch after my run, I had a new smoothie. Normally I stick with a smoothie made from a banana, a handful of frozen berries, milk and maybe a scoop of protein powder, but when I was grocery shopping, the frozen berries seemed expensive and I was desperately trying to stay under our budget. In the produce section I noticed cantaloupe were on sale, at a great price, so I bought 2 of those, cubed them up and flash froze them. I thought a smoothie made from cantaloupe might be weird, and I was right, but it was so much cheaper. So into the blender this afternoon went one banana, a big handful of frozen cantaloupe and a cup of milk. It actually tastes really good, but it still felt weird to me that the smoothie tasted like melon. Perhaps I should branch out more. Guess that story doesn’t really have a point, but I felt the need to share anyway. What does everyone else put in their smoothies? I love them because I never feel like eating after a run, or any other serious aerobic activity, but I know I should eat something, so a smoothie is one of my go to meals.

See you tomorrow with a new (to me) dinner recipe.


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  1. I drink 3 protein shakes/smoothies everyday – here’s my recipe:

    – 1 cup hempmilk

    – 4 tablespoons (one serving) hemp protein powder

    – 2 cups frozen fruit

    Here’s my other recipes:

  2. That looks a so much like my lunch for today! I love hummus platters because they take forever to eat at my desk at work.


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