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Nothing new or exciting here on the lunch front. One way I’ve been trying to generally improve my eating habits to make myself feel a bit better after the holidays is to eat as much produce as possible. So to accomplish that, I’ve had some Butternut Squash Soup. This soup is so easy to make, plus it cost me pennies because my father in law grows the squash, among other things, and I begged for he offered me a big bucket full of them last time we were down to visit.

I’ve also eaten a few big salads. We got some big bags of romaine hearts for 99 cents each at the store so I’ve been trying to eat my way through them. Speaking of produce, I would like to recommend the Green Bags. I know they’re on TV infomercials and are kind of gimmicky, but they actually really work. I use them a ton for things I don’t need all of right away, like bunches of fresh herbs and the like. Here is what the salads have looked like: romaine lettuce, sliced green bell pepper, sliced carrots and some red cabbage. I dress them with Annie’s Pomegranate Vinaigrette.


I wanted to fully introduce you to the other 2 members of the household, and Larry wants more attention so here are some facts about our dogs. Lawrence James Monroe is a 2 year old Lab mix, weighing in at 50lbs. He loves licking faces, tearing the stuffing out of everything, jumping on Lucy and making sure he’s the center of attention.


Lucille Marilyn Monroe is a Shepherd mix, somewhere between the ages of 5-8, hailing from El Monte, California and weighing in at a dainty 65lbs. She enjoys licking herself, laying on her bed and eating turkey strips. (Imagine a 65lb cat). She tolerates Larry’s near-constant assaults and is less inclined to have her photo taken.


Finally, I am constantly using my pantry for meals and trying to keep it stocked with inexpensive staples to keep our grocery budget in check. I found this article on the “new” pantry staples kind of interesting. It included a lot of things I try to keep on hand.


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  1. Aw! Cute dogs.

    Can you post the recipe for your soup?

  2. Hi Rose,

    The recipe can be found here:
    Easy and delicious.

  3. Your dogs are too precious!! 😀


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