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Well, I’ve been trying to post more often, but I’ve recently been forced to come to terms with the fact I may not be as full of sparkling, witty posts as I may have originally thought. So, we have no food or real substance for this post, mostly because I’ve been in bed all afternoon catching up on Grey’s Anatomy extremely busy. I had more soup for lunch, and I’ve been working on compiling links of my recipes, so you can check that out up top under the What I’ve Made tab, but it’s not finished yet.

And now for the fun stuff. Get your free SoyJoy Bar sample! I’ve never tried these, so I’m not sure what to expect in 4-6 weeks. Anybody have any experience with these?

Also there’s this Cream of Wheat free sample, which I also know absolutely nothing about.

Finally, a Quaker Quakes or Mini Delights, which I have tried and enjoyed. 🙂


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  1. You are all over the freebies lately. Go Victoria. I had an unpleasant experience with Soy Joy, but hey, it’s free.

    As for cream of wheat. I always had this when I was little in the morning’s in the winter. It’s like the one thing my dad knows how to make. It’s creamy and you can add things like milk, butter and brown sugar, although now I eat it plain. 😀 Also, you’re supposed to mix it until there are no bumps of wehat clumps, but I like those!


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