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Guest Post: Dickensian

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Editor’s Note: This post was written in its entirety by Victoria’s husband, Brent, and has been posted in its original format.

Victoria asked me to prepare a “guest post” based on tonight’s dinner, and I was only too happy to oblige.

Tonight, Victoria made this, minus the spiced pita chips. I’m sure she would want it noted for the record that I picked this recipe. I have a bit of a sordid history of not reading recipes in their entirety, leading to somewhat mixed results.

In my defense, tonight’s recipe was presented by the authors of Veganomicon in only the most positive light. Quoting from the text: “Terry says she could live for months on the simple and scrumptious meal of rice, lentils, and onions, and be assured she has damn well tried.” Sounds good, right? I questioned how I’d lived without it for so long, and fairly demanded that Victoria put it on the menu.

The dish was not quite as described. Again, quoting from the text: “…here spiced red lentils transform into creamy golden mash that just melts right into the fragrant rice…”


I don’t think I have the talent to accurately describe what’s pictured above, other than to note that Oliver Twist might be all too familiar with it. The recipe also fails to call for nary a grain of salt. If ever there were a recipe in need of salt, it’s this. Post-gratuitous-salting, the taste wasn’t half bad.

Victoria’s always been a little pickier than me; she claims I have no taste buds, and I claim it’s only increasing the likelihood I’ll survive a nuclear apocalypse. I never wavered in my commitment to down a couple helpings of this bad boy, but there were a few precarious moments where Victoria was on the verge of eating one of these.


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  1. honesty is always the best policy

    Kelly Turner


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