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Tofu Lo Mein

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Tonight’s dinner was another regular around here. It was partly devised as a way to use up some of the red cabbage leftover from last week. Brent makes nearly all our tofu dishes because, for some reason, he is way better at perfectly cooking it than I am. It gets crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I can’t ever seem to do it quite as well. Although Brent thinks I just use that as an excuse to make him cook. πŸ™‚

hpim2581The tofu was pressed and then marinated in a mixture of hoisin sauce, sriracha, sesame oil, fish sauce, soy sauce and a bit of sugar. The extra marinade was then used to make the sauce for the dish. This was very simple to make (says the girl who didn’t make it): just pan fry the tofu and set aside,Β  saute some red bell pepper, carrots, and cabbage until softened, boil some pasta and combine everything with the sauce and garnish with some sliced scallions. Very delicious. Brent then further “garnished” his portion with copious amounts of sriracha.

I’m going to try to watch some of the Golden Globes tonight so I can be up on my Oscar buzz. My friends and I always hold a contest for the Oscars, although I generally lose because I just pick what I like. πŸ™‚ Brent and my friend Tessa usually dominate. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and you’re not too snowed in or anything! We have a winter storm warning until Tuesday night!! It’s been crazy so far this winter.

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  1. So vibrant!!

    Enjoy your evening!!

  2. Your lo mein looks great!

    P.S. I post my grocery shops, too! I think we’re all on a tight budget these days, and it’s great to get ideas for good deals from others!

  3. I need to know Brent’s tofu secret… mine never gets crispy on the outside 😦


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