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Ready For Spring

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But it’s not coming anytime soon. No new food really. I had some more Minestrone, which was nice, because it is freezing outside. The snow is still coming and the roads are extremely treacherous. At my mother’s urging, I actually shoveled instead of waiting for Brent to get home to do it. Frankly, I’m not sure why I bothered. I shoveled off about 6 inches, but the snow isn’t stopping so it’ll just get covered again. I hope all of you are staying safe and warm!

hpim2605Look Mom- I have proof I actually shoveled!

Oh well. At least it kept me busy for a while. I’m going a bit stir crazy over here. My mother called to tell me that my grandmother is inthe emergency room at the hospital and they’re not sure what is wrong with her. They’re performing tests because her heart rate is way too low and she was experiencing chest pains, so I’m kind of just sitting here waiting for my mom to call me back.


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  1. Good vibes to your grandma — hope you’ve heard something by now!

  2. Please give me a call about your grandma and how she is doing. Weather is bitter today. All schools closed.

  3. Sending warm healing wishes to your Grandma. I read on Carrots N Cake that you pushed yourself through a run yesterday even though it was tough- great job! Take care of yourself.


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