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We woke up to the radio DJ announcing a temperature of -40 with the windchill this morning, which obviously made me even less inclined than normal to get out of bed. We manage to get ourselves ready and I’m dropping Brent off at work, stopped at a light, ready to make a right turn, when we are slammed from beyond by a car skidding on an icy patch!

Brent and I, as well as the other driver, are all OK. Amazingly, our car suffered no obvious damage at all, although the other car had some problems. I will admit, the whole situation scared the crap out of me, but I’m just so thankful it wasn’t any worse than it is. This is the 3rd time we’re been rear-ended, and the last time it happened, I had to go to the hospital and our car was completely totalled.

I got to work late, and then when I got off work at 1pm, Brent wasn’t feeling awesome, so he took a half day and I picked him up. The upside was that I convinced Brent to go out for sushi at our favorite place, which was so good! Avocado rolls and clear soup are probably two of my favorite foods ever. My neck is a bit stiff, but nothing serious. I plan on just vegging out for the rest of the day, and now we’re all cuddled in blankets and watching this week’s episode of Top Chef.

Some good news is that my grandmother is being released from the hospital, and the final verdict was that she suffered a heart attack, combined with pneumonia, but she is doing better now.

I’ll be back with a yummy dinner later. Stay safe and warm!!

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  1. Hoping things get better for you, Victoria!!! You’re in my thoughts, of course.

  2. Good news about your grandma! Sorry about the accident.

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