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Product Review – Finally!

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Congratulations President Obama! My office actually hooked a laptop up to a projector showing on our break room wall and watched the inauguration live and ordered pizza for everyone, so the office pretty much shut down between 12-1. It was one of the cooler things any of my employers has ever done and I’m glad I got to watch.

Earlier this week, I dragged Brent to The Fresh Market because I wanted some freshly ground almond butter. I got a bit of that, some blueberries for $0.98 a carton!! and some Chobani yogurt, which they just recently started carrying. Since all I’ve heard are amazing things about Chobani, I figured I should try it.

hpim2640I purchased the 16oz tub for $3.99. The container claims to have 2 8oz servings, but first of all, I’m not eating $2.00 worth of yogurt at a time, and secondly, I rarely eat more than half a cup, so I think in my case this is 3-4 servings. I tried some yesterday for the first time, topped with copious amounts of blueberries. The verdict: I love this stuff! (like everyone else, duh). Of course, like all Greek yogurt, the protein content is great (23 grams for 1 cup), although the calcium is a bit lower. In comparison to other brands I’ve tried, I really think this is the creamiest and least tart. Fage, which I also like is tarter and thicker, more like a dip. I also really liked the Oikos brand, especially since it is organic, but the Chobani was actually the cheapest of the 3, which is awesome!

hpim2641I kept telling Brent how great it was and his response was basically, “You’re claiming that your plain, fat-free yogurt is life-changing? Get a grip Vic.” I would buy this again I think, for a treat.

I would love to try the other flavors, but I’m not sure how I feel about fruit flavored yogurt. Maybe if I can find some coupons, I would be willing to try them out. I’ll have to check around for Chobani deals/coupons.

I hope you’re having a great day, and that if you worked you were able to watch/hear some of the inauguration coverage!


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