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Tonight’s dinner came courtesy of Cooking Light. I made Twice-Baked Salmon Potatoes. I loved these! I love potatoes. I love smoked salmon. Why hadn’t it ever occurred to me to make them a main dish? I want to stuff and twice-bake every potato I ever eat from now on. I may allow rare exceptions to that though. 🙂


I loved the flavor of the horseradish in this recipe. I would add more green onion next time because I didn’t get a ton of their flavor, and truthfully, even though it was melted right on top, I didn’t really taste the cheese much.

A great feature of this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time up to the point of the second baking, which is what I did today, and then just stick them in the oven and dinner will be ready in less than 20 minutes. Brilliant. I love these kinds of recipes, and they’re a big help on nights when I have school.

I’m already brainstorming other twice-baked variations, like a Mexican one with black beans and salsa, or a Greek one with spinach and feta. Yum!

See you tomorrow for a “junk-food” Friday night dinner!

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  1. Interesting concept – will have to check it out.

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