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Light Rye Bread

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It’s not even 2 yet and I feel like I’ve had a full day! We were up at 6ish… by a “up” a mean a zombie-like state that allowed me enough energy to make toast and that’s about it. After dropping Brent off, I swung by the gym for a full body strength work out, actually doing core work this time instead of just loftily thinking about it. After showering and destinkifying, I had breakfast #2 and went to work, then ran to the post office to mail stuff (I’ve become addicted to selling my old stuff on, and now I’m finally eating lunch.

Lunch, however, is not the subject of this post (super boring leftovers from last night – but totally even more tasty the next day).

This afternoon I present to you: Light Rye Bread. The “Light” refers to the fact that flavor of the rye is subtle, not that this bread is white or some chemically altered calorie-less “diet food.”

hpim2696I used my Molasses Seed Bread as the inspiration for this bread. I actually just wanted the seed bread, but I had no sunflower seeds, and I wanted a 100% whole grain bread. The recipe is the same, except I left out the sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, upped the molasses to 2 tablespoons and used whole grain rye flour in place of the all purpose. I really kneaded the crap out of this bread! I have found in my limited admittedly limited experience with rye breads that the rye flour really benefits from additional kneading to prevent the bread from turning out super dense.

Off to study some microbes. See you later for a super quick dinner before class.

How’s everyone’s Monday going?


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  1. You HAVE had a full day so far – hang in there!!

    Fabulous bread!!

  2. that bread looks wonderful!

  3. The bread looks so good! I need to start baking more homemade bread- its much better than anything store bought. Monday was …well its over now 😉

  4. I made more bread last night and it’s delicioso!


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