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Gourmet Huevos Rancheros – Living up to the Hype

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I told you all I was so excited about tonight’s dinner, and you’re probably imagining all sorts of delicious, wonderfully exciting meals, so I hope you’re not disappointed when I tell you we had eggs. 🙂 They were however, exciting and “gourmet” eggs.

hpim2709I had seen this recipe for Gourmet Huevos Rancheros a while ago and I’ve been meaning to make it since. I knew Brent would like it and I’m such a sweetheart and always try to do nice things for him. 😉 This was so good. Just perfectly comforting and satisfying. Great mix of flavors and textures. Just yum! Brent sent me an email so I could completely and accurately quote him on the subject:

“Brent’s only complaint was that there wasn’t more of it: “You know, like when you go to a restaurant and order huevos rancheros, dude’s made with like 6 eggs and a quart and a half of sour cream.” “

For the refried beans, I used a bit of leftovers from our nachos last week, and we used Brent’s fancy new salsa (which he wasn’t even really impressed with). I was really happy with how it came out, and I especially loved the avocado. It became my food obsession in 2008. I always thought I would hate it and spent years saying “No thanks” to bowl of guacamole. If only I had known about its creamy deliciousness! Alas. I’ve been making up for lost time since, and I think there was a span of a few months last summer where I ate guac like twice a week.

Have a great night!!


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  1. Those gourmet eggs look fabulous 😀

  2. I love and crave avocado.

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