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Long Night

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It has been a really exhausting 24 hours. My stress level reached critical mass last night because I was already feeling overwhelmed with work and school and housework, and then on my way to my class, I was rear-ended again! The damage was very obvious this time.

hpim2716Considering this was the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks, I was so frustrated! Everyone involved was fine, but I got super stressed because we do not have a house phone and Brent’s cell phone was off, so I had no way to reach him. 😦

Dealing with the cop and the accident report took an hour, so I missed my class, but hopefully my teacher gets back to me with what I missed. When I got home I was very sad to learn our wireless router had broken so we have no wireless internet now. Very tragic indeed.

Before all of this happened, I made another super speedy dinner of black bean and sweet potato tacos.

hpim2714The base for the tacos was sweet potato and black beans mashed up with some cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt and pepper and heated. I piled that into the taco shells and topped with some salsa, sour cream and pepper jack cheese. Cilantro would have been nice, but we were all out.

What was cool about the tacos, was that I made the crispy taco shells from leftover corn tortillas by spraying with canola oil, sprinkling with chili powder and salt, and then draped them over the rack in the oven and baked for 10 minutes at 375. Some of them tore a bit, but overall, I thought they turned out well. Brent just kind of mashed everything together and broke the taco shells and used them as chips to scoop up the filling.


I just came from an interview with our hospital, and I am finally going to begin volunteering there on Wednesday nights in the NICU. I’m really excited because getting a regular volunteering position in the hospital was one of my resolutions! How is everyone else doing on their resolutions?


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  1. Hang in there!! Glad that there’s good news – congratulations!! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for showing the damage . That was pretty nasty. Kathy

  3. Oh my gosh – that sounds like a nightmare! At least that was the worst of the damage though 😦

    Congrats on the NICU! That would be fun!!

  4. I’m glad you are okay! Twice in two weeks? That’s INSANE!

    Your tacos look great!

  5. ahhhh i LOVE the NICU!!! i’m so jealous you’re going to be volunteering there. none of the hosps around here let volunteers in :-/. you’ll have to give a full recap once you start.

    and so sorry about the accident … what a PAIN! glad you’re ok …

    (p.s. i know you said you’d never bought dates before — they’d be sooooo good in one of your breads!)


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