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Spicing Things Up

This week’s lunch was a repeat from a while back. We’ve actually had it quite a few times since discovering it. It is the Spicy Carrot Peanut Soup from the Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special Cookbook. Brent and I have both been suffering a bit from colds this week, and this soup really drains your sinuses! Because we keep all the extras on hand – soy sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce, etc… the soup really only costs me less than $2 to make. Just the cost of an onion and a bag of carrots.

hpim2907I cubed up some Overnight Whole Wheat Bread to make some croutons, because you know, pureed soups really need something extra to mix it up in the texture department.

Tonight’s dinner was pretty uninspired, just some salmon salad on bagels with some sauteed bok choy on the side. So I don’t even feel that bad for not getting a picture of it, although I’m proud I managed to make something under duress. I’ve calmed down about school. I’m just taking a few pieces at a time. I have a huge Physio exam Tuesday night, and my ever-looming entrance exam on Wednesday, so I just have to maintain sanity for this week, which seems pretty doable to me 🙂 (although my meals could get pretty boring…)


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  1. I’ve never looked through that Moosewood – I know that recipe would’ve caught my eye! Thanks for posting it, ’cause I’m definitely gonna try it soon.

  2. You know . . . I’ve never really cared for carrots. But that soup looks really good for some reason! Thanks for linking the recipe! I’ll have to think harder about it.

    (Carrots are a weird thing to not like — I realize this.)


  3. That soup looks SO good – perfect for a cold day 🙂

  4. The soup and homemade croutons look great. Good luck with school.

  5. sounds yummy- love the croutons, i agree creamy soups need them!


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