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European Peasant Bread

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Yesterday, almost immediately after purchasing my new book, I threw together the dough for the European Peasant Bread from Artisan Bread…. I love the mix of flours in this recipe. I sprinkled some caraway seeds on top, because I love them. After a quick shaping, I left the dough to do its business while the oven preheated. Unfortunately, I got a bit side-tracked, and then ended up going grocery shopping, so the dough kind of hung out for 2 hours or so, and lost its shape a bit. When I got home, into the oven it went.


The bread did not appear to suffer at all. I did my best to let it cool as much as possible, and then Brent and I both immediately inhaled 2 slices each. Yum! The crust was perfect, and I think this is going to make great sandwiches, which I plan on making for dinner tomorrow.

I am so excited about this book. I love that although the book is based on a fairly simple method, the authors have included a ton of ideas to give you a lot of variety, and I liked looking through the non-bread recipes in it too! I definitely think this is going to come in handy when I’m feeling overwhelmed with school.


For a recap of the yoga challenge, check out Tina’s blog. I did the Power Yoga #4 Donation Class from YogaDownload this afternoon, because I thought a class centered around compassion would be a great way to start the challenge. The class spent a lot of time in down dog, allowing me to refocus on my breath when I was losing it, (not to mention really making me feel it in my arms!) I think I may do another short class before bed tonight. I really enjoy the Lunar Flow class at the end of the day.


As always, I like to take a few minutes on Sunday evenings to  list some things I’m really looking forward to in the coming week. It’s a really great ritual for me, because it definitely helps banish any Sunday night blues. This week I have a ton to look forward to! Tuesday is our 3 year wedding anniversary! Because I have class, I think we just might try to go out for sushi for lunch or something that day, but our big festive dinner celebration is Friday night! We’re trying a new restaurant, and I am so excited! Also, this Wednesday is my first day is the NICU, and I’m feeling a little nervous, but very excited about that too. Anyone else have something to look forward this week?


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  1. listing things you’re looking forward to in the week is such a good idea. i think i might start doing that. congrats on your upcoming anniversary! and i’m sooo jealous about your foray into the NICU …

    hmmm, this week i’m looking forward to starting a video project with one of the families I visit at my internship. and i’m looking forward to mornings with the pumpkin gingerbread oatmeal i have cooking in the crockpot right now …

  2. Yummy looking bread! Holy yum! 🙂

  3. wow that bread looks amazing!
    it sounds like a great week ahead of you- i just have a lot of work to look forward to- which is better than none at all, so i’m happy 🙂

  4. This week sounds fabulous – good luck at the NICU!!

    That bread looks amazing!

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