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It’s really nice out! I said that this morning to Brent, as I was forcing him to get out of bed and walk the dogs with me. It wasn’t exactly accurate at 7am this morning, but this afternoon the sun made an appearance and it’s nearly 60 degrees!

My “lunch” was kind of pitiful. I had an apple and an Almond Brownie Balance Bar. I bought a few different food replacement bars to keep in my desk drawer, because often I’m asked to work extra hours with no notice. I actually kind of liked the bar, even if it was heavily processed. It was basically like a Little Debbie brownie from my childhood, but you know, with a slight protein powder after taste. I would eat it again though for sure, and it was probably a better solution to my 2pm chocolate craving than my normal handful of baby Snickers from the candy jar.

hpim2951When I got home, I was starving, and wanted some bread, obviously, but I decided to try to be more well rounded. I steamed some broccoli that needed to be eaten and a carrot, and put a little red wine vinaigrette over it. Along with bread and stock/broth, salad dressing is on our list of things we don’t buy anymore. It’s way too easy to make at home. Our current go-to is canola oil, red wine vinegar, spicy mustard, honey and salt and pepper (and a bunch of sriracha for Brent). Whisk, and it’s done. The bread was calling, so I had a small piece with some PB&J too.

hpim2958And because the dogs and I were so excited for the warm weather, I leave you with a few pictures of them frolicking.

hpim2953 hpim2957


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  1. aw, puppyfaces! so cute!

    those veggies are going to be my dinner tonight. not the same ones, obviously, because, gross.

    Kelly Turner

  2. Aww the dogs are cute. Good luck on the food journaling.

  3. FYI, Lucy doesn’t frolic.

  4. What beautiful dogs. And I see Brent leaves you comments?! THat’s awesome!

  5. aww, cute frolicking pups. and you’re off to a great start with the food journaling!!

  6. Cute puppers!! Mmmm bread 🙂


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