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Dinner at Catablu

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Tonight’s dinner was Amazing. Sometimes I get so excited about something that I end up feeling let down, but my meal was so great! I’m incredibly stuffed. We had wayyy too much food! Here’s a review, with less than stellar pictures.

I was planning on having wine, but I was feeling like something fruity, so I tried the pomegranate martini, which was very pretty, and very delicious, but I have a sneaking suspicious it was composed almost entirely of orange juice and pomegranate juice. Kind of a rip off, but alas.

hpim2971I love bread bowls at restaurants. I never, ever avoid them, or do something like ask the waitstaff to take it away and bring me a bowl of fresh vegetables. I read articles with those ideas, and I’m always shocked. I tend to get upset if bread is not provided, which I thought was the case tonight, but then just as I was about to mention my disappointment to Brent, a bowl with bread and flatbread arrived, accompanied by sweet butter and a two olive tapenade. The tapenade was such a pleasant surprise! Loved it.

hpim2972For our appetizers, I ordered the salad special of the night. Baby field greens with Cabernet onions, goat cheese croquettes, almonds, and a whole grain Dijon vinaigrette. So good!

hpim2974There is no way the photo above is doing this salad justice. I loved it. Everything worked so wonderfully together in the salad, and the warm fried goat cheese was just ridiculously awesome. Brent ordered the Smoked Duck Flatbread with wild mushrooms, spinach and cilantro sour cream. I tried a slice. It was good, but probably my least favorite part of the meal — just not my thing I guess. Brent thought “it was ok.”

hpim2975For the entrees, Brent went with the Dijon Crumb Crusted Lamb Rack with Mashed potatoes, flashed spinach and red wine jus. This was the only dish I didn’t try, but Brent really liked it. He was already diving in before I could grab a quick picture.

hpim2977And now for the Main Event! I had to have the Lobster Mac and Cheese — With sweet peas, black truffles, brie and mascarpone cheeses. This was seriously amazing. I believe I may have actually been making audible moans of pleasure at the table. Yum! I ate about 75% of this, which means I got to bring some home!

hpim2976This was so creamy and delicious. I was surprised the “macaroni” was actually orzo, which made this seem like a cross between mac n cheese and risotto. Did I mention I loved it? There were huge chunks of lobster and some sort of delicious herb oil at the bottom. I just can’t express enough how happy this meal made me!

I hope everyone had an equally enjoyable Friday night! As far as the weekend, our little stay-cation has been cancelled. Brent has to go into work tomorrow. I guess it’s not really a big deal, since as Brent put it, “We stay home every weekend.” Maybe I’ll get some stuff done around the house, and if the weather’s nice, go for a run. Check in with you all tomorrow!


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  1. Lovely dinner!!

    Sorry about the cancelled stay-cation 😦 Hope you still have a nice weekend!!

  2. I’m the same way with the bread bowl – dig in and don’t look back! Seriously, people who turn those away are missing out! Give us their bread bowls πŸ™‚

    That dinner sounds fabulous! Glad you guys had a great date night!

  3. What a wonderful looking dinner! I never avoid the bread basket, especially if I know that they make the bread at the restaurant! Have a great weekend!

  4. Looks amazing, and I so agree with your bread comment. Sometimes the bread is the best part.


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