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I always get excited about Friday, although normally my weekends aren’t all that different from the weekdays. I study. I clean. I watch Netflix with Brent. What makes this Friday particularly exciting is that we have a date tonight! We’re going to Catablu, a locally owned restaurant, which has no website. I have gotten a look at part of their menu, including lobster mac ‘n cheese! I’m really looking forward to it. Also, I finished all my required school work, and because next week is spring break, I’ve decided not to do any cleaning or studying this weekend! We’re going to have a mini stay-cation this weekend. I told Brent that, and his response was, “Whatever. Not cleaning sounds good.”

I totally refused to get out of bed this morning. Brent had to drag me out at 8:00 to drive him to work. When I got back home, I felt like I should do yoga, because it was now or never. This afternoon I’m at the animal shelter, and then out to dinner, and yoga after wine sounds like a disaster to me. I managed to do the 20 minute Morning Flow. I felt invigorated afterward, for the most part, so I’m glad I did it.

Breakfast was my current favorite bowl of oatmeal: Banana Date Coconut. Yum! Along with some chocolate caramel chai tea with milk and honey.

hpim2965Fridays at my work are “Popcorn Fridays!” There’s an actual popcorn machine, and our vice-presidents walk along the cubicles offering bags of popcorn. I usually eat one three, but I’m hoping the anticipation of our fun dinner out will allow me to avoid such a fate today.

Anyone else have any exciting plans for tonight or the rest of the weekend?


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  1. Yoga is always invigorating for me as well 🙂 Love it.

    Oooh what a fun event at work!! Enjoy your Friday AND all the popcorn 🙂

  2. oooh your dinner tonight will be fun! can’t wait for the report, now that you’re food journaling and all 😉

    happy popcorn friday!

  3. Sounds like my weekend. I definitely spend a ton of time cleaning which is really depressing. Weekdays tend to be hectic and exhausting so the weekend is the only time I can get it done. No truly exciting plans for the weekend, but I am going to a huge free wine tasting tomorrow which I cannot wait for.

  4. Lobster mac and cheese??! Please take a photo!! I would love to link to this from my blog – so cool!

  5. We are leaving Sunday night for Vegas. Actually got Cher show tickets with dinner at Planet Hollywood for a reasonable cost. Weather will be in the 70’s for most of the week. So those are my plans for late Sunday and next week. Enjoy your anniversary dinner tonight

  6. Popcorn machine?! I love it! How fun!!

    Hope you enjoy dinner tonight 🙂


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