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I Love My Freezer

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This morning, I’m feeling a little groggy. I may have had 1 or more adult beverages after we got home last night, and obviously I have a bit of a food coma as well. I did not want oatmeal, mostly because the pot I use to cook it was dirty and cleaning it seems like a monumental hassle. Yes, I can really be that lazy. So I thawed out part of the Banana Date Coffee Cake, which I made last month and then froze half of. It was delicious with coffee.

hpim2980This coffee cake was my first time cooking with, or even eating dates. Obviously I did not realize how much I would love dates. Next time I make this coffee cake, I would double the amount of dates. They’re delicious.

Our fridge is completely void of food. Right now, all we have are condiments, 2 carrots, and a bunch of parsley. It’s a sad state of affairs, so a grocery trip is definitely in order. I have to plan some menu ideas. Anyone have any amazing meal ideas I should try immediately?


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  1. Mmm, scrumptious coffee cake!!

    May I humbly suggest THIS dish (which I consume every other day practically, haha)?? Scroll down in post, please:

  2. That coffee cake looks unbelievable!! A meal idea:
    It’s not the best picture in the world, but it was SERIOUSLY awesome!
    May I add you to my blogroll?

  3. I don’t have any recipes persay, but maybe since the weather is getting better, you could make something spring-like? lots of colors and pop?

  4. Gotta love the freezer! I always find stuff in mine that I forget about, plus it allows fast and easy meals 🙂


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