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Deli-Style Rye

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Have I mentioned my love for Artisan Bread in the last 24 hours? It is awesome. So awesome in fact, that I chose to review it for my latest English paper. We had to “evaluate” a product, and why not do something I found at least somewhat interesting right? So I’m “testing” recipes to make sure they’re clear and easy to follow. As if I needed a reason to make bread. I feel like every time I skim through this book, another recipe catches my eye, as if I hadn’t noticed it before. Chocolate Bread? Granola Bread? (I do have 10 cups of homemade granola handy…) Spinach Feta. Oh man, I just need to work (By work I mean bake and eat) my way through this whole book! Next up was the Deli-Style Rye, a request from Brent.

hpim3016This was my best crust to date! It literally crackled! Ahhh, I’m smiling just typing this. As I was cutting my second third slice, Brent gave me the ol’ eyeroll and said, “Man, you really like bread, huh? Like really like it.” Duh, Brent. Obviously the bread is fantastic, but you already knew that, because people don’t lavishly praise mediocre bread.

Alright, gotta go back to my paper, and some HOUSE — love this show!

P.S. I really want to make the Granola Bread, but Brent shook his head, “It sounds weird, hun.” Anyone who has the book make it?

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  1. AMAZING rye! I have my grandma’s recipe which calls for pickle juice… must make it soon!

  2. Pickle juice? Mara, you should make that and post the recipe soon! I’m really curious, plus I love rye bread.

  3. I love Rye bread! I’ve never had granola bread but I know Panera makes a trail mix bagel?! Granola bread sounds pretty good!

  4. Hooray for Artisan Bread! I haven’t made the granola bread yet.

    Isn’t the rye the BEST???? And every recipe is so friggin’ easy!

  5. Wow, that is a fantastic loaf of bread! Rye is one of the ones I still want to try. I liked the bit of rye in the European Peasant Bread. I haven’t made the Granola Bread, so I can’t help there.

  6. Never tried granola bread, but I will give it a shot with you if you want. I think it sounds great!

  7. Mmmmm. You’re making me really want that book, especially since I have rye flour on hand. I also think you should go for the granola bread. It sounds fantastic and I bet it would be delicious in french toast or a bread pudding. Mmmm. I am so salivating.

  8. It’s gorgeous! My bread never looks like that.

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