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I came across a few sites featuring homemade granola yesterday, and I felt compelled to make my own.


I followed Alton Brown’s Granola recipe, but used walnuts instead of cashews, and used half honey, half maple syrup. It is extremely tasty, and the low and slow method gave it really great crunch. I do wish it had a bit more clusters, but I love it. And it made a ton! I had a really filling bowl of it for breakfast, which I’m hoping holds me over for 5 hours or so.

On an unrelated note, my arms, especially my shoulders, are so sore! That yoga really killed me yesterday. I definitely need a slow, gentle, stretchy one today.

Hope everyone is having a decent Monday morning!


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  1. YUM!!!

    Hang in there with the soreness!!

  2. I love making my own granola. It’s much easier than people think and is what prompted me to get a food dehydrator so I could add more unique dried fruits into the mix. I’m a fan of the banana/chocolate/cashew combination myself.

  3. Love homemade granola!!

  4. I make my own granola too. Much cheaper and more fun that way.

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