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Green Eggs & Toast

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Sorry, no ham. As I was rather fitfully drifting off into dreamland last night, a moment of genius struck — I should put a glob of pesto into my scrambled eggs tomorrow morning! Hoping I would remember my brilliance come morning, I fell asleep.

hpim3023Although Brent, who has become a bit of a food snob, turned his nose up at their odd appearance, I thought my green eggs were quite tasty. Unfortunately, it’s been a real drearzilla of a day out there, so this meal has in fact been the highlight of my day so far, but all that is about to change (hopefully). I have an interesting baking project on the agenda…


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  1. Food snob? Please. I’m eating Cheetos as I type this. And “drearzilla?” The slang is out of control.

  2. gah! i dont know if i could eat that. im not very adventurous either

  3. LOVE the color! Pesto in eggs sounds amazing 🙂

    It’s dreary here, too!!

  4. i love your green eggs! they’re so electric 🙂

  5. I say… beautiful!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my site!
    So funny – hubby & I are having ham & egg sandwiches for dinner tonight and I was thinking on the way to work this morning about how to make green eggs!

  7. Brent does not like green eggs and ham. He does not like them, Sam I am.


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