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The past two night’s dinners may have been less than stellar, (guess that’s what happens when you outsource your food), but I redeemed myself tonight with this balanced plate: salmon cakes, roasted sweet potato, and roasted asparagus, with a drizzle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

hpim3029Salmon cakes are just like, the easiest thing ever. I mix a 14oz can of salmon with an egg, and some add-ins. Tonight’s mix-ins were celery and Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. I cook them on our griddle or non-stick skillet for about 3 minutes on each side. Presto.

We don’t really eat much meat, as you may have noticed. That’s for a variety of reasons, health, environmental, and not the least of which is economic. I would actually like to eat more fish, but it is so expensive, so I try to manage the best I can by eating canned salmon once a week or so. I don’t know where else I’d be able to get 14oz of wild caught salmon for less than $3. I think I may actually buy some fish next week, mostly because I’m growing a bit bored of salmon.

Did anyone else watch The Chopping Block tonight? I’m not sure if I really like it or not, but I’ll probably continue to watch, because Top Chef is over and I might go through reality cooking drama withdrawal.

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  1. SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. P.S. – yeah, I was a little disappointed with ‘The Chopping Block,’ since it wasn’t that intense.

  3. Country Bob’s on a sweet potato – one of my favorite combos!

  4. Oooo. That salmon cake looks really tasty.

  5. I loooove asparagus! One of my fav veggies!

  6. definitely a delicious and perfectly balanced meal. i broke into my country bob’s for dinner tonight, too!


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