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I cannot get enough of Artisan Bread! This afternoon, in between trying (unsuccessfully) to clean scuff marks off our walls, I tried to make some pita bread.

hpim30321Ehh… I think my rolling wasn’t too impressive on this one. It wasn’t quite uniform, and then the pita didn’t puff into one of those pretty balls I’ve seen. I only got a bitty bubble. I’ll be trying it again.

While I was having a mild stress-induced panic attack about the state of our house, Brent graciously made dinner. He made my Clam Linguine, which I did not get a photo of. It was tasty, though a bit spicier than when I make it.

However…  I was in the mood for pizza. And sometimes… a craving is just like an itch you need to scratch (thanks Tess!). I still felt “hungry” even though I knew I wasn’t, so I used the master boule recipe to make a three cheese flatbread!

hpim3033Yes! I just rolled about a half pound piece of the dough into about 1/8-1/4″ thick round and sprinkled with mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan, as well as some red pepper flakes, parsley and a bit of garlic powder. This was great! The end crust was perfect and doughy. Delicious cheesy bread! I think I might make some pizza or flatbread for when my peeps come this Saturday.

Anything exciting happen to you today?


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  1. Can you come make bread for me?? I can only do challah well…

  2. I so enjoy your love of bread. Gives me so many great recipes to try someday!

  3. I’m sorry you had pita problems! Mine always puff nicely, but I roll them REALLY thin. I vaguely remember somewhere in the directions it mentioning that if they don’t puff, the dough may not have been thin enough???

    I had sort of an Artisan Bread disaster myself tonight . . . but it was totally my fault. (Undercooked bread is always the baker’s fault, right??) 🙂

    Your cheesy bread looks amazing!

  4. Cheese bread! Yummmmm!

    Sorry the pita bread didn’t turn out as planned! The only thing exciting so far has been getting out of class really early!

  5. i want some of that cheesy flat bread- it looks so good! have you tried magic erasers for scuff marks- they work really well!

  6. Oh my gosh that cheesey flatbread looks amazing! I have to try to make that soon!

  7. My pita didn’t puff either!

  8. I need to try to make pita bread. I tried Naan bread and was not very successful. All of your breads always look so good!

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