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Spinach Linguine with Cilantro-Basil Pesto & Artichokes

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On Sunday I ate pretty junky. Mostly just because. Junk food sounds glorious when you feel like garbage juice, and I was in no position to disagree. So on Monday, all I wanted was green! I had a green smoothie and scrambled eggs with spinach for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, and this glorious meal for dinner:

hpim3060Another win for Veganomicon. Loved it! It was perfect. It has been firmly placed on its pedestal and no bad will ever been spoken about it. Here’s the link again, just in case you foolishly forgot to click on it the first time. Go make it now.

I will note though, that the spinach linguine was much pricier than my normal whole wheat pasta, so next time I may go el cheapo frugal and just make it with that.

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  1. GORGEOUS dish!! Can’t go wrong with Veganomicon 🙂

  2. Ah! This looks so good!

  3. EVERYTHING i’ve ever made from Veganomicon has been amazing… maybe i should cave and actually buy the book!

  4. Wow that looks sooooo good!

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