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100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

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We all know I, along with half the universe, love Artisan Bread. It makes bread baking easier than blowing my nose. However, I did not think the whole wheat sandwich bread was all that. I think I’m going to have to stick to some of my own breads for Brent’s everyday toast. The bread tastes good, but I don’t think it needs all that honey and milk for “tenderizing.” I thought it was a bit too tender. I would call it kind of floppy, like a quick bread consistency or something.

hpim3069One interesting thing about this bread is that when you toast it, and the edges gets really dark and crispy, and a little bit burnt, the taste reminds me of burnt marshmallows, which I guess it just burnt sugar from the honey, but it really makes me think of camp fires. Maybe I’m crazy.

It’s almost Friday!! Anyone have any exciting weekend plans? I think we’re going to bum around and watch basketball, althought Brent was pretty unimpressed with my bracket picks.


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  1. hmmm, i could get used to bread that tastes like burnt marshmallows …

  2. Looks fabulous!!

    Hooray for Friday on its way!! 😀

  3. That crust sounds so good – I’m weird, I love burnt things! Smores?! You bet I lit that marshmallow on fire!!

  4. Oh no . . . I should have warned you about that recipe! I thought it was not very good, too . . . so not very good, in fact, that I threw out the rest of the dough that I had put together!

    I do like some of the other crusty loaves sliced and toasted, though! I made the Broa last weekend, and it’s still making great, thick toast!

  5. I’m still looking for a good sandwich bread recipe. My slices never turn out big enough, or maybe I’m just trying to stuff too much in my sandwich.


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