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Cod with Fennel and Potatoes

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Tonight’s dinner was from Everyday Food: Great Fast Food, which I picked up last week at the library. As far as cookbooks, I tend to rely on Veganomicon and the Moosewood cookbooks, but because I’ve been getting kind of bored, I thought checking out some different sources of inspiration might be nice. This one dish fish meal sounded like a good one.

hpim3073I’m kind of on the fence about this one. On one hand, Brent and I both like fennel, so I’m always looking for recipes that use it, but this one isn’t going to “Wow” anyone. It’s totally serviceable, and the lack of dishes dirtied while making it definitely upped its stock, but the flavor didn’t make me jump out of my seat or anything, which is kind of what I was hoping for.

I guess I would make it again, just because it takes very little prep or active work, but don’t make it for your in-laws, or aspiring food critiques or anything.

Back to basketball! I have Villanova going to the fourth round, so they better pick it up!


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  1. What a great looking meal!

  2. OMG this looks divine. I love your dishes!

    I was glad Villanova did well last night toward the second of the game. Though I secretly rooted for AU since that’s my boyfriend’s school 🙂

  3. Sorry you guys weren’t over the moon with the meal! It looks good 🙂


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