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More Stuffed Peppers

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I guess I wasn’t really thinking clearly when planning the grocery list for this week’s meals. I found this recipe for stuffed poblanos. I was so excited as I was making them. They smells great. They looked so yummy while they were baking. So I was kind of surprised when I pulled my beautiful creation out of the oven and Brent’s response was, “Oh. More stuffed peppers?”

Apparently, he could not understand how entirely different these were from our meal last week. But trust me, they were different.

hpim3094I should have taken a picture of the entire baking pan, but I didn’t. I promise, they looked just like the photo on Martha’s site. For reals. These had a much more Mexican feel to them, much like chili rellenos, which is what I was hoping for. The cornmeal was vital for that, and baking them in the spicy tomato sauce was great too, although in the interest of full disclosure, Brent found nothing about this meal spicy.

I have a pretty full day today, ending with an advanced physio exam. Blah. I think I’m making fish tacos for dinner tonight. Anyone have a real good marinade for the fish?


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  1. Those look amazing!!! I’ve been wanting to try stuffed poblanos for a while.
    OH and you’ve gotta try making challah, its SO FUN

  2. I love stuffed peppers! These look great!

  3. Wow wow wow those look good, I’m a huge fan of stuffed peppers, I will definitely have to give these a try.

  4. Stuffed peppers are always winners! Hope your exam went well ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yay for fish tacos. I’ll have to wait and see what you make as I just made them and am always looking for new variations. The marinade I used was pretty tasty but the salsa definitely wasn’t.

  6. I’ve made fish tacos a few times and rather than marinate, I’ve breaded them (and I use that term very loosely) in a little Panko crumbs mixed with some chili or chipotle powder. Use something like sunflower or canola oil for the “frying” which really ends up being more like a saute, since I use little enough oil that I still have to flip the chunks of fish.
    You can add a little more flavor with some red pepper flakes in the oil before you add the fish.

  7. oooo cant go wrong with stuffed peppers!!

  8. Ugg…men. You should have wrapped one in a tortilla and said, “No, it’s a burrito!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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