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Hey blog peeps. Today has been such a weird day. I have an an overall anxious feeling that I really can’t shake. I think it’s mostly due to school and everything, but as a result of my anxiety, I’ve been ready to chow down on anything and everything in sight. Brent called me “hanxious,” which we deemed to mean “hunger due to anxiety” and it seemed fitting. So I had a very hanxious day.

Of course, I feel pretty blah now that I’ve eaten my way through the afternoon and evening. So let’s backtrack to more exciting things. I finally had my orientation and started volunteering in the NICU yesterday. Loved it so much. I absolutely cannot wait to go back! My schedule there isn’t the most convenient (which Brent has pointed out on multiple occasions), so dinner is kind of tricky. I pick Brent up from work, drop him off and head straight there, from 5-8. So I’m trying to come up with a meal that can be eaten by him when he gets home, and me around 8:30.

Last night, we had Twice-Baked Salmon Potatoes, which worked out perfectly. I made them completely ahead of time and we each just reheated ours when we were ready for dinner. Gotta love that smoked salmon!If any of you have other meal ideas that would work for this schedule, let me know!

hpim3103Now I’m back from class and trying to de-anxify. Not a word, but wevs, I think you all know what I’m saying. I’ve got basketball to watch. Brent’s muttering over Purdue, meanwhile, Pitt’s busting my bracket as I type. “See” you all on Friday!!

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  1. Hugs to you! Loving the new terms, very approriate! I’m adopting hanxious.

  2. I know the anxiety feeling that you’re talking about, and its no fun. A few weeks ago, when we were trying to close on our new house and I was all worried about $$$, I felt incredibly tense and anxious every day. What really helped was stopping to breathe. Seriously, just taking a minute to breathe deeply released a lot of the tension that I was holding in my stomach and back (and mind). Try it; it may help–at least a little bit 🙂 !

  3. Hanxious – I like the new term! Sorry you’re feeling anxious lately 😦 Also, I feel your pain on working from 5-8! Dinner is TOUGH to figure out!

  4. Those look wonderful. I’m going to make them soon.

    I think Brett should cook dinner and leave you leftovers. Unless he can’t cook. There are times when I’d rather go through the trouble of cooking for myself.


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