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Fresh Tomato Pasta

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So, I have a secret. A deep, dark, slightly embarrassing secret. I have kind of sort of gotten addicted to Rachel Ray. For shame, I know. Not that there’s anything wrong with liking Rachel Ray, but she is a bit too perky for me, and her food isn’t normally stuff I’d make. However, ever since we cancelled cable, I’ve greatly missed watching people make food on the Food Network. Rachel Ray’s afternoon talk show has slightly filled that void for me. I watch it while Gmail chatting with my best friend, or when I’m feeling more motivated —  while I’m on the elliptical.

Twice recently, she had made a pasta sauce with cherry tomatoes, slowly cooked until they burst, and added wine.  Sounds perfect to me, so I sauteed some garlic and onion until very soft, added a pint of grape tomatoes, some salt and pepper, and cooked on low for about 30 minutes. The tomatoes got super soft and squishy. I added about a cup of white wine and cooked until it reduced down. Then I threw in the remains of a bag of shrimp and added some whole wheat spaghetti.

hpim3152I really loved this sauce. I like most sauces with wine.

Brent’s response: “Tomatoes have alcohol soluble compounds in them, so they taste better when they’re cooked with wine.” I guess that means he liked it.

Off to work, which means Popcorn Fridays! And then a stint at the animal shelter, and then finally our dinner date! It’s shaping up to be a pretty good Friday. I hope it’s fun, because I have a major Microbiology exam hanging over my head the rest of the weekend.

Here’s a Friendly Friday PSA —  Head over to Jenna’s blog to donate to her Team in Training effort and get her e-cookbook, which has one of my recipes in it!

And when you’re done with that, go see Sarah for an awesome Bob’s Red Mill giveaway!


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  1. While I’m not “addicted” to watching Rachael Ray, I have to admit that I love her recipes and magazine, haha 😀

    Enjoy Popcorn Friday!!

  2. Hahaha, I watch Rachael Ray from time to time. I used to watch her on a daily basis last year. 😀

  3. rhodeygirltests

    that looks awesome!

  4. cool fact about the tomatoes and wine!! that dish looks delicious!

    “cherry tomatoes slowly cooked until they burst”…talk about verbal food porn! yum!

  5. What a great meal it looks so good! I imagine the smell of this cooking must have been wonderful.

  6. I’m not a big fan of RR 😦 That dish sounds fabulous though!

  7. This looks good! I like RR’s magazine more than her shows… Found many good recipes!

  8. I have no cable and am the same way! Sometimes she knows what’s she’s doing. Although sometime I think she secretly measures things and pretends not to.

  9. Darn it, I like Rachel Ray too.

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